Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Southern Crittenden County News: June 4, 2009

By Michelle Henderson and Matthew T. Patton

Four students from the Dycusburg area graduated from Lyon County High School on Saturday, May 23: Shelby Peek, James Jasis, Allison LeFan and Brandon O'Bryan. All graduated with honors and received several scholarships at Class Night on May 21.

Don’t forget to hang up your hummingbird feeders. The birds are returning from the Southern states. An inexpensive mixture that attracts them and is easy to make consists of sugar, water and red food coloring. Alternatively, you can buy the concentrate or ready-to-use mix at retail locations.

Barbara Ethridge returned home from a visit with her sister, Carol Strilko of New Lenox, IL. Carol and her husband, George drove her home and will be visiting for a while.

All donations to the Dycusburg Community Group are tax deductible, including any donations for the gazebo or the fireworks display on the Fourth of July at Dycusburg’s "Thunder Over the River" Celebration.

The answer to last week's riddle was "a coffin." Once again, Linda Waters e-mailed with the right answer. This week’s question: "How far can a dog run into the woods?" E-mail with your guesses.

Natalie Tabor and her daughter, Shelby Peek, spent Spring Break in Puerto Rico, reporting a fabulous trip. They stayed in San Juan and spent most days on the beach doing absolutely nothing. The weather was mostly sunny and about 90 degrees every day. They visited Old San Juan where they toured the historic district (including the capitol and Castillo de San Felipe del Morro) and enjoyed shopping. They went to dinner with friends from Paducah also vacationing in Puerto Rico and ate at a reportedly wonderful restaurant, Marisqueria Atlantica.

The BODIES exhibition was on display and Shelby, a future doctor, had to go see it. Natalie said, "We joked that we had to go all the way to Puerto Rico just for this exhibit since we missed it when it was in St. Louis!"

The highlight of the trip for Shelby was touring the El Yunque Rainforest. Natalie said, "while she had moaned and complained about having to get up early to go with 'a bunch of old people' to the Rainforest, her whole attitude changed when she learned Johnny Depp was filming a movie there. At that point, her mission became to find him! As we were winding up through El Yunque (which reminded me of The Smokies, but with palm trees), we rounded a curve and there he was! He was filming a scene with Aaron Eckhart. After blowing kisses at Johnny for an hour and taking his picture, she spent the next ten hours texting, Facebook-ing and calling all of her friends to gloat!"

If you live in, work in, or know someone in southern Crittenden County and would like to have something such as a birthday or upcoming event mentioned in this column, please e-mail

Quote of the Week: "Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work," attributed to Thomas Alva Edison.


basketball addict said...

Good job on all the news from Dycusburg, Matt. It helps me stay informed with all my friends and relatives on my mother's side. Thanks and God Bless! Kathy Travis, daughter of Louise Mitchell Travis

texaswillie said...

Matthew---ever wondered if anyone reads your post. We read the post all the way down here in Texas. Good job!!!

Bill A. Belt

texaswillie said...

Matthew---ever wondered if anyone reads your post. We read the post all the way down here in Texas. Good job!!!

Bill A. Belt

Rene' Wallace said...

Tried to find a link for Texasvillie! If he is the one that published a letter in the press last week - BRAVO! I enjoyed it and thought it was well written! You spoke for the majority, believe me!

I'm going to miss your column, Matt.

rainforestinn said...

One of our guests at the rainforest inn said that seeing Johnny Depp filming in Old San Juan was the highlight of her trip too. I didn't know he came right near our place too.