Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greenlee Photo

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John Anthony Greenlee and Lurie Emeline (Doom) Greenlee, daughter of Chittenden Lyon Doom and Mary Ana (Templeton) Doom.

Lurie was born 3/29/1868. John was born 10/28/1853. They were married (at Chittenden and Mary's home) August 8, 1886. (Crittenden County, Kentucky Marriages Vol. II 1866-1886, pg. 166)

They had 15 children, including 2 sets of twins.

Arnie Harrison Greenlee (1888)
Gladys Hartland Greenlee (1890)
Mount Etna Greenlee (1891)
City Zimmru Greenlee (1893)
Halbert Greenlee (1896)
Homer Greenlee (1896)
John Hulet Greenlee (1899)
Alonzo Oatman Greenlee (5/30/1903)
Malissa Oatman Greenlee (5/30/1903 - 3/17/1981)
Norvel Anthony Greenlee (1905)
Harley Hodge Roosevelt Greenlee (1907)
Hugh Siasby Greenlee (1910)
Clara Greenlee (1911)
Amazi Greenlee
Eulessess Greenlee

Photo and information provided by Diana Hollingsworth who is a Greenlee and Doom family researcher. Contact her at

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