Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lack of Trauma Care Killing Kentuckians

(Editor's Note: In June 2006, Dycusburg suffered a tragic loss when Andrea LeFan was killed in a car wreck on Hwy. 295. Now, her family feels her life would have been spared had she been able to quickly get to a local trauma center. This article appears in the Dec. 30, 2007 issue of the Louisville Courier-Journal, and includes a photo gallery and related video. An excerpt appears below, with the link following.)

DYCUSBURG, Ky. -- As a stretcher carrying Andrea LeFan was moved toward a waiting helicopter, her mother recalled saying, "You're gonna be OK. You're gonna make it."

But those turned out to be the last moments Jamie King would see her 16-year-old daughter conscious.

A Trans Am speeding down a winding road in Western Kentucky had struck Andrea's Chevy head-on. With no nearby hospital able to handle her injuries, she was airlifted to Deaconess Health System in Evansville, Ind., arriving 80 minutes after the June 5, 2006, wreck.

A team of doctors struggled to save her. But it was too late.

"If she were hurt in Louisville, it is very possible she would have lived," said Dr. William Barnes, a Western Kentucky physician who examined her medical records. "But she definitely had no chance where she was."

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renia said...

What about my daughter that got killed in the same wreck as Andrea. Shonda Leeann Mcfarland. Was she not good enough to write about also???

Anonymous said...

what about my sister?? Leeann Mcfarland she died in the same wreck. We sufered amd are still suffering her loss. Do you kno how hard it is to lose your bestfriend and sister?? Why doesn't anyone write about her....she could have been something really special but that was toke away from her. She was just as good as Andrea but no one seems to remeber the girl that was trapped inside a burning car and was killed at the scene. Atleast Andrea's mom got to say something to Andrea before she died. We didn't get to say a single i love you. And we didn't get to see her one last time before she was burried underground because she had to have a closed casket. Andreas family suffered a loss to but they got more than what we did.