Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Still Without Power in Dycusburg Area

Some folks are still without power in the Dycusburg area, nearly 6 days since the power went out. Interestingly, some in the Dycusburg area experienced only a few hours of outages while some were without electricity for days. This storm and its damage were widespread, and many told us here at this storm left the area looking like "a war zone."

Editor and blogger Chris Evans reported earlier today at his blog, that "if you're still without power in Crittenden County, you're among the minority at this point."

He continued: "Power cooperative Kenergy says it now has just 251 Crittenden County customers in the dark. In Caldwell there are 285 and in Lyon 106. Those numbers were provided by the company at 11 a.m., Saturday. The last report from Kentucky Utilities was that it had about 300 without power in the Marion and Salem areas, but that was more than 24 hours ago."

The photo of a tree covered in ice was sent to me from a reader who lives near Dycusburg.

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