Thursday, March 5, 2009

Southern Crittenden County News: Mar. 5, 2009

By Michelle Henderson and Matthew T. Patton

We were saddened to hear the news of the death of radio legend Paul Harvey last week at age 90. Several years ago, Harvey mentioned our little town of Dycusburg in one of his reports (let's just say it wasn't anything worth bragging about). Growing up, we couldn't wait to hear "the rest of the story." Harvey's calm, dignified style of weaving a story through unique, folksy delivery was truly an art to be admired. To you, Paul, we say, "good day."

In other news, we were just absolutely thrilled and ecstatic to see our new president in his first address to Congress on Feb. 24. It's so nice to have an intelligent, well-spoken, respectable man in the highest office in our land. We remain hopeful for the economic stimulus to be effective toward getting our country headed in the right direction.

Lots of birthdays to include this week! Birthday wishes are extended to Anna Patton (Feb. 22); Donna Davenport-Walker (Feb. 13); Courtney Smith (Mar. 1); Brad McDowell (Mar. 3); Verna Mae Kinnis (Mar. 5); Demetrius Kinnis (Mar. 6); Juana Mae Stone (Mar. 6); Wilma Allen (Mar. 10); Robert Millikan (Mar. 12); Samson Pleasant (Mar. 13); Tyler Guess (Mar. 15); Dennis Guess (Mar. 15); Melissa Asbridge (Mar. 18); Joann Peek (Mar. 20); Connie Travis (Mar. 24). Anniversaries celebrated this month are: Ronnie and Phyllis Blake (Mar. 7), Lonnie and Helen Travis (March 15) and Bob and Shelia Wilkinson (Mar. 23).

More than 100 were in attendance for worship services at Seven Springs on Sunday. The church seems to be growing.

The annual cemetery fundraiser fish fry at Dycusburg will likely be held in May again this year. Donations for the Dycusburg Cemetery can be mailed to Faye Stinnett, P.O. Box 4, Dycusburg, KY 42037. The perpetual fund ensures the maintenance of the graveyard.

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