Sunday, March 11, 2012

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Man Seeks to Relocate Abandoned Grave Sites From His Farm to Dycusburg Cemetery

Last week, Crittenden Fiscal Court was approached by a local property owner looking to relocate five apparently abandoned gravesites in an area he plans to put into farm production this spring.

Bobby Grogan, whose farm is near the Cumberland River, has asked permission to move the sites marked "Buntun" to Dycusburg cemetery at his own expense. Kentucky law allows landowners with “abandoned” cemeteries on their property to request relocation of the graves. The law defines abandonment as “left untended for a period of 10 years proceeding the date of the resolution for removal.”

The cemetery rests atop a steep hill. Local historian Brenda Underdown said there are only two stones that are standing at the cemetery, the oldest for Rev. J. W. Buntun, who died Jan. 4, 1892. Some are believed to have been buried there as long ago as the 1840s.

On Feb. 21, the fiscal court granted Grogan’s request and adopted a resolution allowing the removal.

However, anyone having an interest in the matter is asked to address their comments or concerns before April 20 to Grogan's attorney, Bart Frazer in Marion.

Source: The Crittenden Press, March 1, 2012. Used with permission.