Thursday, June 26, 2014

Crittenden County Coroner's Inquest (1854): Body of Wm. McKee Found Near Town of Dycusburg

"this the 10th July 1854 Critenden Co Ky: We the Jurors Sommoned and qualified for the purpose of examining the body of Wm. McKee who was found dead Near the town of Dycusburg do Report that we have examined the body and find Marks of Violence or suposed to be by as we find bruises from little cuts and holes having the appearance of shot holes and other Marks of violence." [signed] Thos. T. Thompson forman, Charles Addy, John C. Martin, J.W. Smith, L.T. Gwinn, A.B. Wallis, P.P. McIntire, F.J. Burks, J.W. Bice, A. Lindley, Thos. R. Jarrett, Wm. Brashear, J.J[?] Bishop Police Judge of Dycusburg.

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