Monday, March 22, 2010

Dycusburg News: March 18, 2010

By Matthew T. Patton

I received a few e-mails regarding the ferry at Dycusburg after posting a query in last week's issue. If anyone has photos or information, several are eager to learn about the ferry and its operation at Dycusburg. Please e-mail to share what you know.

A historic photo of John Anthony Greenlee and Lurie Emeline (Doom) Greenlee was added to last week. The couple are ancestors or relatives of many people in this area.

Happy belated birthday to Star Mahns (Feb. 19) and Jennifer Matthews (Mar. 14). They were accidentally omitted in last week's issue.

Get well wishes are sent to Randy Rushing, Lonnie Knight, J.E. Brasher and Parker Holsapple. Also, Patty Walker submitted this notation on the Dycusburg Facebook page: "Hadley Beth Peek, daughter of Todd and Ginny Beth Peek needs all the prayers we can send her. Her grandparents Steve and Eunice Peek are from Dycusburg." For more information about Hadley's condition, visit

Congratulations to Heather and Perry McDowell on the birth of their daughter, Eryn McDowell and to Misty and Brad McDowell on the birth of their son, Lucas J. McDowell.

We extend our sympathies to the family of Bobbie Jean Ramage, 76, who died Thursday, March 4. Burial was at Dycusburg Cemetery. We also received word at this writing that Millie Cole passed away on Monday morning.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Death Notice: Jamie "Pug" LaRue, 38

RIP Jamie "Pug" LaRue, 38, of Dycusburg who died March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greenlee Photo

Click image for larger version.

John Anthony Greenlee and Lurie Emeline (Doom) Greenlee, daughter of Chittenden Lyon Doom and Mary Ana (Templeton) Doom.

Lurie was born 3/29/1868. John was born 10/28/1853. They were married (at Chittenden and Mary's home) August 8, 1886. (Crittenden County, Kentucky Marriages Vol. II 1866-1886, pg. 166)

They had 15 children, including 2 sets of twins.

Arnie Harrison Greenlee (1888)
Gladys Hartland Greenlee (1890)
Mount Etna Greenlee (1891)
City Zimmru Greenlee (1893)
Halbert Greenlee (1896)
Homer Greenlee (1896)
John Hulet Greenlee (1899)
Alonzo Oatman Greenlee (5/30/1903)
Malissa Oatman Greenlee (5/30/1903 - 3/17/1981)
Norvel Anthony Greenlee (1905)
Harley Hodge Roosevelt Greenlee (1907)
Hugh Siasby Greenlee (1910)
Clara Greenlee (1911)
Amazi Greenlee
Eulessess Greenlee

Photo and information provided by Diana Hollingsworth who is a Greenlee and Doom family researcher. Contact her at

Dycusburg News: March 11, 2010

By Matthew T. Patton

Birthday wishes are extended to Barbara Ethridge (Feb. 7); Anna Patton (Feb. 22); Donna Davenport-Walker (Feb. 13); Courtney Smith (Mar. 1); Brad McDowell (Mar. 3); Verna Mae Kinnis (Mar. 5); Demetrius Kinnis (Mar. 6); Juana Mae Stone (Mar. 6); Wilma Allen (Mar. 10); Robert Millikan (Mar. 12); Samson Pleasant (Mar. 13); Tyler Guess (Mar. 15); Melissa Asbridge (Mar. 18); Joann Peek (Mar. 20); Connie Travis (Mar. 24). Anniversaries celebrated this month are: Ronnie and Phyllis Blake (Mar. 7), Lonnie and Helen Travis (March 15) and Bob and Shelia Wilkinson (Mar. 23). Was someone left out? Send an e-mail to for inclusion.

Sympathies are extended to the families of J.B. Ramage who died Feb. 22 and Howard "Pluto" Martin who died Feb. 27. Both were buried at Dycusburg Cemetery.

A reader of was inquiring about the ferry at Dycusburg. If anyone has any news articles or photos of the ferry, please contact Matthew T. Patton by e-mailing The site is updated frequently with news and updates.