Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dycusburg News: March 11, 2010

By Matthew T. Patton

Birthday wishes are extended to Barbara Ethridge (Feb. 7); Anna Patton (Feb. 22); Donna Davenport-Walker (Feb. 13); Courtney Smith (Mar. 1); Brad McDowell (Mar. 3); Verna Mae Kinnis (Mar. 5); Demetrius Kinnis (Mar. 6); Juana Mae Stone (Mar. 6); Wilma Allen (Mar. 10); Robert Millikan (Mar. 12); Samson Pleasant (Mar. 13); Tyler Guess (Mar. 15); Melissa Asbridge (Mar. 18); Joann Peek (Mar. 20); Connie Travis (Mar. 24). Anniversaries celebrated this month are: Ronnie and Phyllis Blake (Mar. 7), Lonnie and Helen Travis (March 15) and Bob and Shelia Wilkinson (Mar. 23). Was someone left out? Send an e-mail to for inclusion.

Sympathies are extended to the families of J.B. Ramage who died Feb. 22 and Howard "Pluto" Martin who died Feb. 27. Both were buried at Dycusburg Cemetery.

A reader of was inquiring about the ferry at Dycusburg. If anyone has any news articles or photos of the ferry, please contact Matthew T. Patton by e-mailing The site is updated frequently with news and updates.

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