Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dycusburg Greets Matthews With Warm Welcome Home

From the time he was a baby, he’s been groomed for responsibility. He missed only one day of school in 12 years. He joined the military at 17. And he is determined to not let his injury become a setback.

Chase Matthews just wants things to get back to normal. In fact, he seems rather uncomfortable even enjoying a birthday congratulations.

"He doesn’t like it," his father Rudy said of the attention lavished upon his only son. The town of Dycusburg gathered in Matthews’ name Saturday -- the day he turned 23 -- to not only say happy birthday, but to say thanks for the sacrifices and pain he and his family have endured the last six months. You see, when Matthews stood to accept their gratitude, he leaned on a cane to steady himself on two prosthetic legs.

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