Friday, October 17, 2008

Error in Newspaper

We were surprised to read in "Dycusburg and Beyond" in this week's issue of The Crittenden Press that attendance was smaller at this year's Dycusburg Day event.

Actually, throughout the day several events were held and many people came and went throughout the day. I wonder if the columnist who wrote that perhaps was comparing the event to the July 4 "Red, White and Boom" event where the Dycusburg Area Veteran's Memorial marker was installed or perhaps comparing it to the Chase Matthews homecoming day (an event separate from Dycusburg Day). We also noted that the columnist did not even attend the event, so we are not sure where the information came from!

This year's Dycusburg Day was fantastic! So many people enjoyed the family-like atmosphere, and we were so proud to see many of you there.

The Dycusburg Community Group is pressing on with many future projects! Stay tuned for our future plans!

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