Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Crittenden County News: Feb. 26, 2009

By Michelle Henderson and Matthew T. Patton

Amongst all of the recent destruction due to the winter storm, the area is starting to look a little more normal, and flowers (including buttercups) are starting to bloom. Maybe folks in this area of the county think differently than some, but we definitely and certainly don't think the recent ice storm was a God's punishment. Rather, we saw God in the form of the many who helped their neighbors throughout the area. For more on this subject, visit www.dycusburg.com.

Everyone enjoyed listening to Jim Johnson, Keith Travis, Joe Bennett, Rod Bennett and Rick Holsapple perform at the Dycusburg Grocery on Friday night. That night, owner Star Mahns celebrated her 28th birthday.

More and more dogs and cats are coming out of the woodwork (literally). If you own pets, we urge you make sure they are getting proper care, including being spayed and neutered. To let a dog or cat run wild is absolutely inhumane. These wild, roaming animals are suffering and are a nuisance to the area.

We extend birthday greetings to Rudy Matthews (Feb. 28).

The Dycusburg Community Group (DCG) is coordinating a community cleanup, focusing particularly on empty lots at Dycusburg. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Star Mahns at the Dycusburg Grocery at 988-3004. The date is to be determined. The efforts are being led by Rick Holsapple.

The next meeting of the DCG will be held soon. Watch this space for more information.

Curtis and Jeannie Griffin treated Michelle Henderson and Barbara Ethridge to dinner at China Buffet in Eddyville on Sunday. Jeannie Griffin is having surgery next week.

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