Monday, November 28, 2011

Dycusburg Gets New Telephone System Installed

After some twenty years without telephone service in and around Dycusburg, Ky., the people are again able to call up their neighbors for a chat or call a doctor by long distance.

The Salem Telephone Company has a newly installed line to Dycusburg which at present has ten subscribers and more to be added later as material becomes available.

The Salem Company is planning to install some hundred or more telephones in that community and are also planning on a dial system which will make service more prompt and also make it possible to serve more subscribers. The telephone company is owned by Bill Boswell and William Butler who service and install their own equipment. They have a very efficient Mrs. Boswell as operator at the board.

Source: Livingston Leader, Thurs., 28 Aug 1947 - page 1
Photo source: Seattle Municipal Archives from Seattle, WA (used for illustrative purposes only)

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