Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dycusburg Ferry: Closed in 1951

The following was abstracted from the papers of the late Roger Linzy regarding the ferry at Dycusburg. If you have any photographs of or more information about the ferry, please e-mail
It is mentioned that Isaac Shelby, the first governor of Kentucky started the first ferry on the Cumberland River at Dycusburg about the year of 1835.

The Kentucky Governor records show Isaac Shelby’s first term was 1792-1796, his second term was 1812-1816. Year of birth 1750 in Maryland, what is now Washington County. Year of death, July 18, 1826, buried in the cemetery near Danville, Ky.

… I could not find a direct reference connecting Gov. Shelby and the Dycusburg ferry. The Dycusburg ferry was not a franchised operation. It is a deeded land grant operation. I am of the opinion that Gov. Shelby did, in fact, award to someone a land grand deed to the ferry, perhaps a family member or an ex-soldier that was with him in one or more wars.

Searing the records of ownership transfers in the Crittenden County Clerk’s office, shows J.A. Graves died May 9, 1943 and he had owned the property and ferry more than 50 years. That would date back to about 1891. The records state that Mrs. Cora Graves, wife of Mr. J.A. Graves, in her will at death, willed the ferry and property to her nephew, Herbert Graves. I am told that any transfers of land grants before the 1900s are on file in the Secretary of State office, Frankfort, Ky.

According to the records, the transfer of ownership of the Dycusburg Ferry and property is as follows: Herbert Graves sold to Lilly K. Cornelison, Aug. 6, 1943; Lilly K. Cornelison sold to Frank Smith and F.C. Cruce, Aug. 6, 1943; Frank Smith and F.C. Cruce, Aug. 6, 1943. Frank Smith and F.C. Cruce sold to Johny Brown, Oct. 20, 1945. Johny Brown sold to Lafe Linzy, March 17, 1949.

Lafe Linzy was called back into the Navy to help retrieve the Marines trapped in Korea. Closed the operations and sold his ferrying equipment. The ferry was closed down some 3 or 4 months. The ferry on the Tennessee River at Calvert City, Ky., closed and I bought their equipment and opened the ferry again. I closed down the ferry in 1951 and it has remained closed since that time.

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