Thursday, September 4, 2008

Southern Crittenden County News: Sept. 4, 2008

By Michelle Henderson and Matthew T. Patton

(Editor's Note: Last week's news was accidentally printed again in The Crittenden Press.)

The Dycusburg school reunion was held at 1 p.m. on Aug. 31 on the lawn of the Dycusburg Methodist Church. Attendance was seemingly down over past years. Traveling the longest distance was Bill Dycus from West Virginia and Carol (Myers) Strilko from Illinois. Everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship.

The Dycusburg Community Group will meet Sept. 13. Please mark your calendars.

Our sincere sympathy to Sarah Knight on the death of her mother Janet Knight. Sarah is the daughter of Andy Knight of Marion, Ill. She is the granddaughter of Bro. Lonnie and Joy Knight and Shirley Conrad.

Happy birthday to Chase Matthews who turned 24 on Sept. 1. Chase was in an ATV accident over the weekend, but fortunately was released from the hospital. He was banged up pretty badly, but is doing well. Thanks to Tina Cochrum, who witnessed the accident, for being with the family and for showing such concern. We're glad to see neighbors come together during times like these.

Carol and George Strilko of New Lenox, Ill., visited their family over Labor Day weekend.

Makanda Rolfe spent the weekend with her great-grandmother, Barbara Ethridge and enjoyed playing with her cousins Dylan Strilko, Aliyah Frutiger and McKenzie Noffsinger.

Dycusburg Day will be held Oct. 11. If you would like to be a vendor during the day, please call 988-2758. The group is currently looking to add additional food, craft and church vendors. A silent auction and raffle will be the highlight of the day. Also, an afternoon gospel singing and concert by "Gunner T" will round out the evening. More details will be published in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Matt Patton has made us famous here in western Kentucky. I am Kathy Travis, and I also have gone by the name Kathy Yandell Travis when I lived down the road from Matt when he was growing up. My mother, Louise Mitchell Travis, would be so pleased to know that Dycusburg is getting some attention in the papers.It is also disturbing that a lot of the people I knew so well have gone on to be with the Lord. I googled the name Matthew Patton, and all this stuff came up. It just made my day! Hope to see other posts on here from the people I love the most--the people in and around Dycusburg, KY. God bless you all! Kathy Travis, Louisville, KY 40229

basketball addict said...

I am so glad to know that we have a place on the internet that acknowledges Dycusburg, KY. I am Kathy Travis, and my mother, Louise Mitchell Travis, was from Dycusburg, KY. We always enjoyed the Dycusburg school reunion, and I am glad to hear they still have it. I will be watching this website all the time now that I know it exists. I live in Louisville now, but it is great to hear from others in Ducusburg. Keep up the good work, Michelle and Matt!