Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dycusburg Petition Opposing Arden Spirits (1854)

To the Worshipful Judge of the County Court of Crittenden County

Your Petitioners residents of the Town of Dycusburg and being citizens thereof Knowing the deleterious effects and the evils resulting from the use and sale of Arden Spirits as a beverage within our corporation, Would most Respectfully ask and pray your Honor not to grant license for the Sale of the same within the corporate limits of our town to any Merchant, druggist or tavern keeper from and after your December term 1854 for the term of twelve months.

--Presly G. Johnson, S. McWaters, David A. Brooks, Wm. Brashear, James Moore, Aaron Lindley, William A. Brooks, T.T. Thompson, A. Foster, W.A. Duvall, D.D. Moore, Preston Giles, Dan R. Cassidy, S.H. Cassidy, L.T. Gwinn, A. Lynes, Alex Levy, J. Smith, G.D. Clark, H.P. Lander, Wm. Miles, John M. Shannon, W.B. Joiner, Isac Loyd, M.W. Donakey, E. Gore, J.M. Stephens, E.A. Morris, H.H. Raiser, Robert McCollum, F.C. Dobyns, W.K. Blue

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