Monday, October 15, 2007

Why I Keep This Web Site

Some folks recently asked me why I keep up this Web site (one through a nasty, poorly written anonymous post on this site) despite the fact that I don't live in Dycusburg.

It’s a simple answer, really. The simple answer is job opportunities. As we all know, there's hardly any job opportunities in Dycusburg. After graduating from college, I made a decision to leave. It's not that I couldn't wait to get out of Dycusburg, it's just that I really didn't have a lot of choices, particularly career choices.

It's true that I took a lot of interest in the community after I left. As you get older and learn more about life, you realize Dycusburg is rich in history and rich with many kindhearted, good folks.

Dycusburg is a community worth celebrating, and that’s why I keep up this Web site. Thanks to everyone who reads about the community.

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