Monday, October 15, 2007

From the Archives: More About Riverside Café

(Editor's Note: This is from a June 2006 issue of Dycusburg News in The Crittenden Press, written by Tina Cochrum.)

Years ago, Lit and Pauline Ferguson had a restaurant in Dycusburg -- “Lit's Place” is all I ever knew it by.

Their daughter, Pat and her husband, Parker Holsapple never ran the business for a living, but would come home on vacation and give Lit and Pauline a break. Years went by, people passed away, things moved on, and changes come as they do. The restaurant was closed, and then sold. The building was made into a grocery store. More years went by and the store went up for sale again and again.

The new owners, Rick and Debbie Holsapple, grandson of Lit Ferguson, had a dream. They wanted to add a restaurant ... and they have! The Riverside Café is the most hopping little place in town. A couple weeks ago, Rick and Debbie’s daughter, Star along with her husband, Josh and son Jacob, moved into the restaurant business. Star is excited about being in the same place her great grandparents worked, she has big plans for the little café. Even little Jacob has his future planned for him; mom, Star says some day he will be the fifth generation to own and run the restaurant. The Riverside Café holds a fish fry on Fridays.

The fish starts cooking at 11 a.m., and the live music begins around 7 p.m. For just a small price, you receive deep fried filets, coleslaw and hush puppies. The menu also includes burgers and BBQ.

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