Thursday, November 6, 2008

Query: Hiett/Bennett of Dycusburg

The following query was sent to me for inclusion on this site. If you have genealogical queries for Southern Crittenden County, please send to and I will be glad to post them here.
In 1860, there was 26 year old man Hugh M. Hiett working on a farm owed by David P. Bennett in Dycusburg Ky. whose wife's maiden name was Melinda Tisdale. Hugh's mother's maiden Name was Mary Ann Tidale, and makes me wonder if they may have been sisters.

Hugh joined the Union army in Marion, Ky. when the war started. He was sworn in at Smithland as a 2nd Lt. In the 20th Ky Inf. Fought in many battles, including Shiloh. He fell and hurt his leg in the Mt. near Camp Wild Cat Ky. Now a 1st Lt. and unable to fulfill his duties, he turned in his resignation and it was accepted.

After being out of the service for ten months and now able to do his duties he rejoined the Army. This time he was put in the 48th mounted Inf. as a Captain. His name was put on two historical markers for accomplishments in the war. One in Salem the other in Eddyville. He married Grace Gray a sister of one of his trooper's Alford Gray after the war. They had three children together, William Frank, Florance and Clarence.

They had a 72 acre farm in Driskill just out of Smithland Ky. He was wounded at Salem Ky. and ended up paralyzed in his left leg. He cut his right leg cutting fire wood after moving to Forman, IL. The wound wouldn't heal, they amputated his leg at home. He didn't survive the amputation. He is buried I believe in the old Forman cemetery.

I would love to hear from anyone who knows of Hugh M. Hiett or Grace Gray Hiett. My grandfather left home at 14 bringing no pictures and little information. Either e-mail or phone (903-685-2805). Time is a valuable possession, thank you for yours. James Hugh Hyatt (

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