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Crittenden Circuit Court of June 1907

(Editor's Note: Among old papers I have is an original copy of the flyer distributed for the Crittenden Circuit Court term of June 1907. I have included the text from the nearly 101-year-old flyer below. My ancestor W.L. Bennett brought a case against the Dycusburg Canning Co.)

The Crittenden Circuit Court
June Term, 1907

Hon. J. F. Gordon, Judge
Jno. G. Asher, Clerk
Jno. L. Grayot, Comth. Atty.
Carl Henderson, County Atty.
J. G. Rochester, Master Commissioner
J. F. Flanary, Sheriff
A. H. Travis, Jailer

Commonwealth Docket

SECOND DAY, Tuesday June 25.
Comth. of Ky. vs Wm. Manard, charged with burning a house.
Same vs G.W. York, false swearing.
Same vs Willis Clark, c.c.d.w.
Same vs Caroline Plumlee, keeping bawdy house.
Same vs Marion Rine, assault and battery.
Same vs Bird Cline, seduction.
Same vs Ed Young, fraudulently converting money, etc,
Same vs Jim Hogan (col.) maliciously shooting and wounding.
Same vs Robt. Heath, same
Same vs Ezikill Terry, detaining a woman against her will, etc.
Same vs Will Kirk, maliciously cutting and wounding another, etc.
Same vs Fred Kemp, horse stealing.
Same vs Almond Teer, and others, a rout.
Same vs Fred Hughes and others, d.r.w.
Same vs Fred Lemon, selling liquor without a license.
Same vs same, same.
Same vs same, an appeal from magisterial court.
Same vs same, appeal, quarterly court.
Same vs John and Henry Riggs, hog stealing
Same vs Henry Hamby, disturbing r.w.
Same vs Harvey Gass, c.c.d.w.
Same vs Brown McWhirter, cutting another in sudden heat of passion.
Same vs same, breach of peace.
Same vs Laurence Tackwell, c.c.d.w.
Same vs Ira Sullivan, selling liquor to minor.
Same vs Charley Clark, cutting another in sudden heat of passion.
Same vs Fred Gains, c.c.d.w.
Same vs same, breach of peace
Same vs Henry Hamby, disturbing religious worship.
Same vs Earl Farmer, flourishing a deadly weapon.
Same vs International Harvester Co., of America, failing to have word “incorporated” on advertising matter.
Same vs Kohinoor Laundry Co., failing to file statement in office Secy. of State.
Same vs same, doing foreign laundry business in State without license.
Same vs Earl Farmer, flourishing a deadly weapon.

THIRD DAY, Wednesday, June 26.
Same vs Ellis Akers, rape.
Same vs Shade Holder, breach of peace.
Same vs Evansville, Paducah and Tennessee Transportation Co., failing to have word “incorporated” on advertising matter.
Same vs R.M. Peak, injuring a mare not his own.
Same vs W.W. Millikin and others, aiding a prisoner to escape.

FOURTH DAY, Thursday, June 27
Same vs Lee Salyers, et al, disturbing a lawful assemblage of people.
Same vs Charley Bennett, furnishing liquor to a minor.
Same vs Charles Rice, trespass.
Same vs Lee Line Steamer, transacting business under assumed name without filing certificate in county clerk’s office.
Same vs Crowder Fox, buggery
Same vs Roe Hughes, adultery
Same vs Will Long, breach of peace
Same vs Ben Capps, J. J. McGee, gaming
Same vs J.J. McGee, furnishing liquor to a minor.
Same vs same, same.
Same vs Lillie Jones, adultery.
Same vs Mattie Wooten, keeping a bawdy house.
Same vs John Brantley, shooting fire arms in incorporated city.
Same vs Frank Young, Cecil Baker and Hewey Baker, injuring a school house.
Same vs Joe Dollar, fornication.

FIFTH DAY, Friday, June 28
Same vs Ed Rutter, willful murder.

Common Law Docket.

SEVENTH DAY, Monday, July 1st
R.R. Pickering vs Western Union Telegraph Co.
J.E. Stevenson vs W.H. Locket, et al.
M.C. O’Hara vs W.C. O’Bryan
Ada Robinson vs I.C.R.R. Co.
Wm. Birchfield vs Royal Fraternal Union
R.H. Kemp, etc. vs W.S. Kemp, Jr.
Same vs same
Sullivan Machine Co. vs Adams & Pierce.
Marion Coal Co. vs T.R. Troundle.
John Tinsley vs Marion Mineral Co.
Annie E. Rhodes vs J.A. Graves, et al.
Same vs S.H. Cassidy, et al.
Theodore R. Troundle vs Crittenden Coal & Coke Co.
Thompson Wilson Co. vs T.H. McReynolds, et al.
John G. Martin vs I.C.R. Co.
Alf Doom vs M.A. Cassidy, et al.
Eskew Bros., vs J.W. Wilson
A.H. McNeely, et al. vs I.C.C.R. Co.
Elzie Clement vs W.E.Boaz
Griffin & Wells vs O.H. Scott, et al.
Dow Little vs Iley Lofton
C.E. Grady et al vs Harth Bros.
J.M. Samuels vs Andrew J. Hartzell, etc.
P.C. Howerton vs I.C.R.R. Co.
J.W. Taylor vs J.W. Simpson
W.R. Cruce, et al., vs I.C.R.R. Co.
W.L. Bennett vs Dycusburg Canning Co.
Walter A. Wood Mowing and Repairing Machine Co. vs Jas. Writtenbery, etc.
Will Gibbs vs. J.J. McGee and I.C.R.R. Co.

Appearances, Eighth Day
Geo. M. Crider vs. Geo. H Crider
J.G. Rochester vs W.R. Hodges, et al
Same vs C.E. Lamb
Eliza Phillips vs B.M. George
Sallie McMican vs Lewis A. Sliger
A.J. Baker vs. C.W. Allen
Mary R. Snow, etc., vs Johnnie Towery, etc.
America E. Hill, etc. vs Annie C. Hill
R.L. Moore vs E.J. Travis, et al.
T.C. Gilliand vs W.B. James, et al.

Equity References.
Henry M. Daniels vs John G. Daniels.
J.W. Bettis vs H.A. Hodge
Annie L. Orme vs Prince Pickens
J.M. Swansey vs Robt. Belt, et al.
Mary J. Black, admrx. Vs Alice Towery, etc.
C.J. Pierce vs L.F. McCage
Sophia A. Sexton vs Daniel Sexton
Thomas J. Jones vs Malisa Jones
M.G. Jacob vs R.H. Enoch
Rasella Saunders vs John Saunders
Ellis Pool vs Arlander Pool
Samuel S. Brown vs Ed E. Squirer
Alto Moss vs Will Moss
J.L. Turley vs J.C. Alexander
Alice Myres Beavers vs Tom Myers, et al.
Wm. W. Plumlee vs Sopha Plumlee
Boston & Paris vs J.E. Chittenden, et al.
C.S. Nunn, Admr. Vs Ruth Guess, et al.
Jas. T. Skinner, et al. vs Farmers & Merchants Bank
R.W. Wilson vs Mary Fowler, et al
Frank Jackson vs Louisa Waddell, et al
Geo. B. Simpson vs D.T. White vs A.J. Grant (consolidated)
Bigham Masonic Lodge vs Electa M. Frisbie
Cochran & Pickens vs Willis H. Thomas
Judy Hoover vs J.H. Bettis, et al.
W.B. Yandell vs Mary Hill, et al.
Lucy Flanary vs Dock Flanary
J.C.B. McMican vs H.S. Gilbert
J.W. Blue, Jr. vs Jas. P. Simpkins
J.A. Wheeler, et al. vs J.H. Bettis, et al.
Burt Crayne, et al. vs Linnie Dorrah, et al.
W,H. Clark vs W.H. Mann
M.E. Mayes vs Emma Scott, et al.
J.T. Lanham vs Joseph Hurst, et al.
Joe L. Clinton vs Jas. F. Cook, et al.
Grand Detour Plow Co., vs J.E. Pilant, et al.
S.S. Sullenger vs L. Bloomfield

Equity References, Continued.
Walter Thurman vs Nora Thurman
Effie Scott vs Thomas Scott
Wm. Fowler vs Robt. Fowler
B.J. Crowell vs F.P. Gobin
J.A. Graves, et al vs Virginia Graves, et al.
R.S. Paris vs Red Hill Mining Co.
J.F. Son vs Mary E. Vinson, et al.
W.L. Bennett vs Dycusburg Canning Co.
W.W. Kimball Co. vs J.W. Givens

Equity Appearances
Gettye Franklin vs John W. Franklin
F.S. Gass, admr. Vs Mrs. M.F. Slayton, et al.
Mary E. Hancock vs Walter A. Hancock
Cora A. Nesbit vs H.E. Nesbit
Nannie Brightman vs Barney Brightman
America Hill vs Noble Hill
Amanda B. Clark vs Sallie McMican, et al.
Dixie Buckhannan vs Wm. Buckhannan
Judie C. Griffith, et al. vs Lilly M. Turley, et al.
Georgia Jessup vs David Jessup

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Jolene said...

I saw my ggggUncle, Robert Heath on the second day of court. I understand what the first same is, but not the second, unless it's the same as the person above him did, wounding someone.

I've been doing research on the Heath's for at least 5 years, off and on, never realizing there were sites like yours and 'Forgotten Passages'.

Thank you very much.


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