Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roads Named in Error Cause Confusion

In the 1990s, technology helped push the need for a consistent system to rename Crittenden County roads (and roads across the country) for the emergency 911 system. Certain road names were causing confusion during the dispatch of emergency services, and Crittenden County officials were charged with location information, road classification and surfacing and road names for the E911 road naming process.

This was a great undertaking by the county officials, including our magistrate for Dycusburg, but I feel this resulted in some very blatant errors, some that threaten to cause problems for both current and later generations.

Here are some examples:
  • Main Lake Road, as indicated on the signs, is listed as both Caldwell Dycusburg-Spring Road and Maple Lake Road on GPS systems (some of these are powered by NavTeq). The road technically should have been named Maple Sink Road. Although the signs are correct (Main Lake Road), NavTeq has this information wrong.
  • Another blatant error was the naming of Mathew Cemetery Road just outside of Frances. Not only is the road approximately a half mile or more from the actual cemetery, but the cemetery is also named "Matthews Cemetery." I should know, as I am a Matthews descendant (note the double T). Having that road sign that located away from the cemetery is frustrating and an egregious error.
  • Clay Valley Road is simply not Clay Valley Road. It has always been, at least as far as I can remember, Dycus Road. The signs say Dycus Road, so perhaps this error lies with NavTeq.
  • Emmus Church Road is spelled wrong. It's Emmaus. Not sure if the signs are wrong. This could be a NavTeq error.
I contacted NavTeq regarding the errors that potentially lie with them. However, some roads simply need to be renamed even if for historical purposes. It's a pain when you're using a GPS, too, to locate roads and the signs are different than what the GPS indicates.

Do you know of any road names that are wrong in Crittenden County? How would you suggest getting these, once and for all, named properly and in line with navigation and satellite location software? E-mail me at

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