Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Power Outage Hits Crittenden County After Storm

(Editor's Note: The following snippet and the image comes courtesy of Chris Evans over at The Crittenden Press. See www.the-press.com and www.wpsdtv.com for extended coverage of the worst natural disaster to hit Crittenden County in 25 years).

An ice storm has hit Marion and Crittenden County leaving more than 2,400 residents without electricity. It is the worst disaster to hit Crittenden County in more than 25 years, according to Crittenden County Judge-Executive Fred Brown.

Kenergy, the power company that supplies much of rural Crittenden County, said the power outage could be long-term, possibly up to three days.

On Tuesday, only one gas station and one grocery store was open in the entire county. More than 10,000 homes were without power in Kenergy's service area which include Hopkins, Webster, McLean and Daviess County. A Kenergy spokesperson said Crittenden was the worst hit in its service area.

Crittenden County Judge-Executive Fred Brown and Deputy Director of Disaster and Emergency Management David Travis declared a disaster in the county and Gov. Steve Beshear mobilized the Kentucky National Guard to help in the community.

People stranded in their homes and without power should be prepared for an extended outage, according to Kenergy. With temperatures expected to drop todady, county officials and the American Red Cross are setting up shelters at Crittenden Elementary School, Marion Baptist Church and Marion United Methodist Church.

Anyone who needs help getting to a shelter can call 965-3500.


Anonymous said...

What a storm! Thank you so much for keeping the site so current. I have a shortcut on my desktop and check it daily. I miss Dycusburg.
: } guess who...

MichReHend said...

Hey Matt,
Mom has no power or heat at her house. She and Rick are staying at my house in town since the power is still on there and I have gas heat. I was wondering if there is a community group there that checks on the elderly people in the area that live out in the county when a storm this bad hits? By the waty the site looks great. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.