Monday, February 4, 2008

Dycusburg Book Reprints for 2008

I am ordering another round of Dycusburg books ... as I've said in the past, I never would have guessed how amazingly popular this book would have become.

More than 400 copies of Dycusburg, Kentucky: A Glance at Her Past have been sold since it was published in 1999. The book, 443 pages, is hardbound with gold-embossed lettering and is out of print. If you're interested in ordering a copy at $70, e-mail Sections of the book include:
  • Dycusburg history
  • Dycusburg school records
  • Dycusburg Methodist church records
  • biographies of prominent Dycusburg citizens
  • anecdotes and photographs
  • Masonic Lodge records
  • Dycusburg cemetery listing
  • Yancy cemetery listing
  • Federal census records
  • Dycusburg police docket (1874-1902)
  • Dycusburg newspaper abstracts.

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